Extending degradation to the universe of extracellular proteins

Protein degradation has emerged as a powerful new drug modality focused to date on intracellular targets. Avilar is now moving protein degradation beyond the interior of the cell to target extracellular and membrane bound proteins. With nearly 40% of human proteins located outside the cell and many having a clearly defined role in the pathogenesis of human diseases, we are developing novel degraders of extracellular proteins as future standard of care medicines for the treatment of multiple serious diseases.

Novel protein degraders harnessing the natural degradation machinery of the endolysosome

We are developing ATACs (ASGPR Targeting Chimeras), a novel class of degrader designed to harness a natural endogenous process for protein degradation. We have built a bespoke, integrated, and modular drug discovery platform to enable the design and assembly of ATACs targeting a wide array of extracellular proteins.

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