Targeting well validated, yet undrugged or poorly drugged, pathogenic proteins

We are developing ATACs to degrade pathogenic extracellular proteins that are well validated yet previously undruggable or poorly addressed using current drug modalities. Extracellular proteins may be implicated in disease pathogenesis in many different ways. Some proteins may become overexpressed, while others exist in aberrant forms or complexes. Proteins can also disrupt the normal regulatory control of other proteins, while proteins in the form of autoantibodies attack receptors involved in normal signaling processes.

ATACs offer a novel approach to targeting pathogenic extracellular proteins

We are leveraging the power of ATACs to overcome limitations of existing modalities. Potential novel applications of ATACs include:

Infographic representing extracellular protein degradation
Icon for drug intractable targets

Drug Historically Undruggable Targets:
Lower bar for identifying POI ligands since only binding is required – inhibition of activity results from target degradation

icon for remove pathogenic protein complexes

Remove All Protein Functions:
Degradation inhibits all functions of the targeted protein

Icon for degrade large amounts of protein

Degrade Very High Concentration Proteins:
Degrade very high concentration proteins that would otherwise require infeasibly or unattractively large doses of neutralizing mAb

Icon for rapid onset of action

Rapid Onset of Action:
Rapidly degrade pathogenic protein to drive faster clinical benefit for patients in crisis or in acute need

Icon for oral degraders

Oral Degraders:
Proprietary small molecule ASGPR ligands + small molecule protein binders allows creation of oral ATAC degraders

Developing our first wave of ATACs as treatments for autoimmune, neurological, and other diseases

Avilar is advancing multiple first-in-class extracellular degrader pipeline programs. In addition, the universe of extracellular targets creates opportunities for collaborations that leverage our ATAC platform to degrade targets of interest to potential partners.